Pathos. Sure, it may be a word that you haven’t thought about since half hearing it uttered by a droning professor during a random communications class back in college. But, as communications professionals, “pathos” or the art of emotional appeal, is something we all embrace as a core function of our job. Whether drafting a press release, brainstorming […]

Last week, a friend gave me a heads up about a new publication called The Printed Blog being distributed for free at El stations around Chicago (also in San Francisco). Intrigued, I poked around and found this NY Times article diving into further details. Model The Printed Blog site states the following: As our society […]

User-generated content usually goes one of two ways in the eyes of a company or brand manager. It’s either perceived as scary and unwanted due to a lack of message control or embraced and encouraged as an opportunity to extend the reach of a message through third party credibility. We’ve obviously been experiencing a dynamic […]