Continuing from my previous post on Jim Tobin’s Social Media is a Cocktail Party, I wanted to address a few other key learnings from various chapters throughout the book. Listening Process Jim rightfully devotes a chapter of his book to outlining the importance of the listening process. You wouldn’t run into a cocktail party yelling […]

Continuing my “People You Should Know” series, I want to call your attention to David Mullen. A PR pro at Mullen (nope, not his firm, just coincidence) David is one of the most insightful bloggers out there. I’m always impressed by fellow bloggers that manage to have a family, work a full-time gig and are […]

Earlier this month, Jason Baer over at Convince & Convert did a great post highlighting “6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media.” The list identifies the following fallacies: 1. Social media is inexpensive 2. Social media is fast 3. Social media is “viral marketing” 4. Social media results can’t be measured 5. Social media is optional […]