We all know “viral videos” are rarely the result of a a crafted creative plan. It’s not to say that it can’t happen as we see big brands rolling out new videos every week that garner hundreds of thousands of views. The recent Snuggie phenomenon is a perfect example. However, I’ve found that the viral […]

Creativity doubles as both one of my favorite and one of the most challenging parts of my job. Whether it’s planning a new social media strategy, developing a grassroots campaign or thinking up a new punchline for an ad, I’ve always appreciated the creative demands of my job. However, we all hit a creative wall […]

Infomercials. We all know they are the most ridiculous commercials on TV.  Poor production, “celebrity” endorsements, pointless products that solve a problem none of us knew we had…the list goes on. YET, they still exist and not only exist, but are thriving. I had all but forgotten about infomercials the past couple years (I don’t […]