I love Wired. I’m by no means a techy or geek as they say in the digital world but I flat out love Wired. It’s an excellent magazine that I would recommend to anyone that works or has interest in the digital space. I’ve had a subscription for three years now and I read every […]

“We recognize the importance and value of being engaged online, BUT, our IT team has a lot of concerns about providing access to social media.” Ouch. Unfortunately, IT concerns continue to be a major social media roadblock for many businesses and organizations that have to maintain complicated Web infrastructures. To date, I have yet to […]

$21 billion. Billion. That’s the amount of revenue that Google Ads generated last year. If you’re like me and 60% of all Internet surfers, you rely on Google everyday as your search engine of choice. Google has become such a reliable knowledge portal that it’s hard to recall what served as “home base” on the […]