This morning, I came across this post on ReadWriteWeb touting an upcoming YouTube project called Life In A Day. By now, you’ve probably heard about similar projects such as Flickr’s Project 365 which plays off the same crowdsourcing model to encourage users to submit a new photo each day throughout the calendar year. The New […]

Many web users have at least heard of Flickr or used the site at some point to upload personal photos. However, there are also some key ways that Flickr can be used to build community and engage others in conversation around a specific topic just like any other social networking or content sharing tool. Nonprofit […]

I disappeared offline last week to head off to Glacier National Park (yes, I may have developed a tic from being unwired five days straight). Upon my return, it occurred to me that Flickr played a huge role in planning and researching my trip. With its huge user base, you can pretty much dig up […]