It’s been too long since my last People You Should Know feature. I’ve been meeting a lot of great people lately and one of those happens to be Sonny Gill. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, Sonny shares my love for all things social media. He started blogging back in December 2007 and shares great insight […]

A quick diversion before I post on Groundswell Learnings Part 2. Kudos to Michael Martine (aka “Remarkablogger”) for his unselfish post to help jumpstart some traffic to other people’s blogs. Hop over here to check out his recent post and sift through some of the other bloggers congregating in the comments. Thanks Michael! Cheers, Scott

You’ve got a client that is hyped up about utilizing social media. Your instinct is telling you that you also think the client’s project could benefit from engaging in social media and building an online community. As I’ve harped repeatedly here, the key first step is to take a bird’s eye view and assess the […]