The world of communications demands patience. Whether you’re a strategist, designer, videographer, measurement or media relations guru, we all face situations every day that demand patience. Maybe your design ideas aren’t quite in synch with your client’s vision. A much anticipated video is requiring more edit time than planned or you have a jittery feeling […]

Process. It’s a word we’ve all come to both love and hate. On the one hand, process organizes resources, drives efficiencies and keeps messaging consistent. On the other hand, process can cause routine and stifle creativity. When things aren’t working, there is no worse reason to keep forcing a process simply because “it’s the way […]

Note:  This post also appears on Waggener Edstrom’s Thinkers & Doers blog. Creativity. In the communications industry, “creativity” carries a wide array of meaning and interpretation. All too often, the word is aligned with designers and marketing specialists who are responsible for creating a fancy brand or dreaming up a viral PR/ad campaign. Dangerous. For […]

“We recognize the importance and value of being engaged online, BUT, our IT team has a lot of concerns about providing access to social media.” Ouch. Unfortunately, IT concerns continue to be a major social media roadblock for many businesses and organizations that have to maintain complicated Web infrastructures. To date, I have yet to […]

Next to relationship building and networking, one aspect of social media that I greatly appreciate is the way that it helps facilitate content creation regardless of skill level. Whether we’re talking about blogging platforms, social networks, photo or video sharing sites, the foundation for hosting and distributing content has been the anchor to engaging millions […]

Clients say it. Your co-workers say it. You utter it to yourself now and again. Whether you’re a seasoned social media vet or just diving in, social media can definitely be a whirlwind to tackle. Heck, just finding a consistent, agreed upon definition of “social media” can be quite the challenge in and of itself. […]