We’ve all heard it. We all know it. Some may have forgotten it. The Grandma Test. It’s a pretty straightforward self-evaluation. Before you say, act, write or do something questionable, ask yourself – “Would Grandma approve?” Well, guess what? The Test still applies. In fact, on the social Web, the Grandma Test applies more than […]

Last week, Tamar Weinberg at Techipedia did an incredible post on the Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook. Throughout her post, Tamar identifies key “rules of engagment” and tips for anyone currently using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social bookmarking sites (digg, delicious, etc.), FriendFeed, YouTube, StumbleUpon and blogs. The comprehensive post, concludes with this key statement that […]

If you’re active over on Twitter, you’ve likely come across tweets that include topics, keywords, locations, conferences or events proceeded by a “#”. Known as “hashtags“, the purpose of these identifiers is to create groupings to help users easily follow conversation around a particular topic. Just as you use a tag to help people find […]