Today I had the honor of once again presenting a Webinar on Facebook for PR. With Facebook’s tools and features changing daily, it’s hard to keep on top of everything you can be doing to maximize use of the site as an engagement platform. I’ve embedded the presentation below for some good resource links. In […]

Whether it’s one word, a single link, 140-characters or a full paragraph, status updates have come to signify much more than “what’s happening” in one’s life. As social media marketing continues to flourish as a key channel for connecting with target audiences, the pressure to drive home a message with concise messaging mounts. Whether updates […]

You’ve done your research and determined that it makes strategic sense for your company or organization to create a Facebook page. You’ve checked out a couple good Facebook business and marketing guides and have the basics in place. But now what? Time and time again, I see Facebook pages created and then left static with […]