I found an incredibly interesting new follower in my inbox the other weekend. Meet Domino’s Redmond Fan. This is the first time I have encountered this intense of a brand advocate (brandvocate) on Twitter. We all of course witness social media brandvocates in a variety of shapes and forms in the social space on a […]

Super props this week to @JohnHaydon for pulling together this fantastic video explaining the insights dashboard for Facebook pages. If you’ve never been an admin on a page or are not privvy to the latest dashboard features, this is an excellent spot. If you’re doing any form of social media measurement for clients, it’s pretty […]

Throughout the course of this year, we’ve seen Facebook pages develop into a solid marketing platform for brands. But, the reality of pages is that they are: 1) Very difficult to grow organically unless you already have an established brand and; 2) Can quickly cause a great deal of disappointment unless you have a forward-looking […]