We all like Web traffic. It’s a version of digital currency and makes us feel valued when we see that the content we produce is of importance to others. But, how does one go about increasing traffic? One part to that answer is S-E-O. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be tricky. Or at least made […]

Online research and analysis is often one of the first steps taken when working with a new client or your own company to start integrating social media into a communications plan. Depending on your focus, you likely have a determined set of keywords and phrases relevant to your company, competition and theĀ  industry that you’ll […]

Time constraint is always a major concern for clients looking to dive into social media. For those using Twitter, I highly encourage you to check out TweetLater as it’s one of the better Twitter monitoring tools around. The site allows you to schedule tweets, send automatic thank you notes and automatically follow new followers. I’m […]