Time constraint is always a major concern for clients looking to dive into social media. For those using Twitter, I highly encourage you to check out TweetLater as it’s one of the better Twitter monitoring tools around. The site allows you to schedule tweets, send automatic thank you notes and automatically follow new followers. I’m […]

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m here to inform you that online brand monitoring and management has reached an all time high. You’re no longer safe just soaking up and protecting a series of URLs for an existing or potential website. These days, you need to be proactive to ensure your brand isn’t […]

You’ve got a client that is hyped up about utilizing social media. Your instinct is telling you that you also think the client’s project could benefit from engaging in social media and building an online community. As I’ve harped repeatedly here, the key first step is to take a bird’s eye view and assess the […]