Ahhh, Sundance. I made my first trek to the acclaimed indie film fest last January and had a blast. Overpriced rented condo, packed restaurants, long lines for films, 50,000 people packed into a town meant for 5,000 and freezing temps to top it all off. THAT aside, it’s seriously an incredible experience for any film […]

Earlier this week, social networking site LinkedIn announced the launch of a variety of new applications with the intent of making the site more engaging. I haven’t talked much about LinkedIn here because, well, until now there really hasn’t been much to say about the site. Don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn is definitely the “go-to” […]

I’m pretty new to the world of Twitter and I’ll be the first to admit that it took awhile for me to make the leap and sign up. It’s an incredibly clean, simple site and it takes all of a couple minutes to create a profile. This simplicity is a telltale sign of the site as a whole, which operates […]