Well, well here we are again. Labor Day came and went before we knew it. The air is turning a bit more crisp, the leaves are deciding to alter their appearance, the RNC and DNC have had their spotlight and yet another presidential election lies dead ahead. Four years ago I provided a breakdown on […]

Content marketing strategy guess #1…fail. Content marketing strategy guess #2…fail. Content marketing strategy guess #3… If you want to waste valuable time and resources while taking a shot in the dark at a content marketing plan, then by all means, keep guessing which strategy will work for your clients. But, if you’d rather pinpoint exact […]

On Tuesday, I have the honor of hosting a social media strategy Webinar for Ragan Communications. For those that may not be familiar, Ragan is a site that offers up a variety of communications insight. Aside from some great free content, they also have a solid membership program that provides access to in-depth articles along […]