Content marketing strategy guess #1…fail.

Content marketing strategy guess #2…fail.

Content marketing strategy guess #3…

If you want to waste valuable time and resources while taking a shot in the dark at a content marketing plan, then by all means, keep guessing which strategy will work for your clients.

But, if you’d rather pinpoint exact goals and objectives and develop a sound strategy that you know will solve the business issues that need to be addressed, ask every new client the following question:

What keeps you awake at night?

Determine the answer to this one single question and you’ll be well on your way to developing a content marketing plan that delivers the right content,  to the right audiences, at the right time.

In the video below, Joe Pulizzi (@junta42), founder of Content Marketing Institute, serves up a series of excellent insights around building online relationships, developing sound social strategies and creating community. Thanks to Social Media Examiner for conducting the great interview.

For those looking to attend a great upcoming content marketing workshop, be sure to check out details around the 2nd Annual Content Marketing Retreat in Langley, WA on January 26 & 27.

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  2. Thanks for doing the interview. It’s interesting that online communities want to be something more. It makes sense that as relationships develop we’d want to get to know some of those people better.

  3. Loved reading this article. Content marketing is king we have to realize the power we hold in our hands. I really want you to check out this new eBook called “The New Stock Market” Its a book talking about how marketers should look at content marketing how traders look at the stock market. Very key pointers to live by.


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