@mydeadlyballoon rocking #badmoviepitches A snapshot of the goodness in action. Be sure to check out Chris’ Twitter stream for more. A couple opens a coffee shop to discover it’s easier being married than it is business partners in “Grounds For Divorce” #badmoviepitches — Chris Sewell (@mydeadlyballoon) September 25, 2012 An elderly woman is jailed when […]

Well, well here we are again. Labor Day came and went before we knew it. The air is turning a bit more crisp, the leaves are deciding to alter their appearance, the RNC and DNC have had their spotlight and yet another presidential election lies dead ahead. Four years ago I provided a breakdown on […]

Whether you’re a startup just beginning to build an online community or an established brand with embedded fans and followers, it’s important to remember that vocal customers and potential customers carry an amplified voice online. We all operate in a fluid, fast-paced world where social engagement with customers is now the norm. While this can […]