Last weekend, I came across this interesting post from Roger Dooley about research showing how simple fonts do a better job of compelling people to action. Check out the post as Dooley provides an image that helps explain the data pulled from subjects reading two different types of fonts. The results seem intuitive. In today’s […]

Regardless of how active your nonprofit is with social media, your Website still operates as “home base” for representing your brand online. Whether you’re planning to revamp your site or simply haven’t done much to update in a while, now is the time to take a close look at improving your online presence. As opposed […]

Is your company or organization’s Facebook fan page lacking as much traffic as desired? YouTube videos generating fewer views than expected? Not picking up quite as many Twitter followers as you anticipated? It may be that you’re forgetting to cross-promote and make yourself as accessible as possible online. Social media sites are rarely the main […]