Branded Content

In a recent post, my colleague @justinjtsang smartly outlined the important balance point between branded vs. common interest social content within a brand’s content marketing strategy. The key to successful content marketing boils down to building long-term trust with your audience. In order for a brand to successfully build trust, it must work to align […]

Well, well here we are again. Labor Day came and went before we knew it. The air is turning a bit more crisp, the leaves are deciding to alter their appearance, the RNC and DNC have had their spotlight and yet another presidential election lies dead ahead. Four years ago I provided a breakdown on […]

I frequently reference Google Search Stories as a good example of a brand smartly using a storytelling platform to enable your target audience to enhance a message or engage with a product. We’re continuing to see the social Web push even further to find innovative ways to simplify content creation for mainstream audiences. Last week, […]

More than two years ago, I published this post about YouTube annotations with an example of how some companies were putting the tool to use for creative storytelling. In short, annotations provide video producers with the ability to create “choose your own adventure” style videos that increase viewer engagement. This past weekend, Mashable featured a […]

Mashable recently featured a great post called 12 Fun Hacks for Getting More Out of YouTube. Glancing through the post, the fourth item mentioned about SynchTube jumped out at me. Simple and sweet, SynchTube enables anyone to create a live chat room around any YouTube video with up to 50 other people. iTechMax has done […]

In PR world, the notion of storytelling can seem intimidating as it often conveys a very complicated process. What I’ve always loved about storytelling is that at its core, simplicity is what drives the best narratives. The amazing part about humans is that everyone has a story. It may not seem like it on the […]

You may still be soaking in the full double rainbow reactions of HungryBear or more likely, doubling over sideways from one of the many remixes around our favorite tourist but you should also be sure to check out the latest viral craze – “Guy Walks Across America.” 2,770 still frames and a 14 day road […]