One thing I love about the Internet today is the sheer volume of great content floating around. Certainly there is plenty of junk, but ever since reading Groundswell back in 2008 (still one of the best reads for our industry, in my opinion), I’ve been obsessed with analyzing the incredible shift we’re all experiencing from […]

The world of communications demands patience. Whether you’re a strategist, designer, videographer, measurement or media relations guru, we all face situations every day that demand patience. Maybe your design ideas aren’t quite in synch with your client’s vision. A much anticipated video is requiring more edit time than planned or you have a jittery feeling […]

Process. It’s a word we’ve all come to both love and hate. On the one hand, process organizes resources, drives efficiencies and keeps messaging consistent. On the other hand, process can cause routine and stifle creativity. When things aren’t working, there is no worse reason to keep forcing a process simply because “it’s the way […]