Infomercials. We all know they are the most ridiculous commercials on TV.  Poor production, “celebrity” endorsements, pointless products that solve a problem none of us knew we had…the list goes on. YET, they still exist and not only exist, but are thriving. I had all but forgotten about infomercials the past couple years (I don’t […]

Anyone with an interest in social media has by now heard about the blow up over the Motrin Moms commercial. For those that missed the boat, McNeil Consumer Health Care, the maker of Motrin, released a snarky ad that poked fun at Moms who merely use front slings as a fashion statement while positioning Motrin as […]

Something a little light for this Monday morning. We all remember the originial Wassup commercial from Budweiser that debuted in 1999. The commercial was launched during the Internet boom, but it was still during the pre-YouTube era and thus mass viewership was limited to catching the commercial on TV. On Friday, a production group called […]