Current trends show that there are now over 19 million users on Twitter, up from 3.4 million last October. Twitter has gained incredible momentum as a key social media platform to say the least. The big question is whether new users are sticking around and using the site or visiting once and not returning after […]

Gone are the days of dreaded internships spent chasing down coffee for the boss, cleaning up after client meetings and spending hours on end next to the copier followed by additional hours feeding the shredder. CNET announced on Monday that Pizza Hut is actively seeking a paid intern to handle their tweets (@pizzahut). Apparently the […]

Tired of having to expend so much brain power and energy on crafty 140 character tweets? Struggling to find just the right combination of keywords and abbreviations to optimize your tweet’s “RT” potential? I mean, let’s be honest, 140 characters is a lot of work! Flutter hears your concerns. Forget microblogging, it’s time for nanoblogging. […]