Get ready.

We’re a day away from what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable presidential campaigns ever.

Including myself, others such as Scott Porter and Lee Aase have taken time to breakdown the huge impact social media has played throughout this campaign. Groups such as ShareThis are even zeroing in on social sharing trends to demonstrate how online users have been engaging with content during the campaign. The Web and social media have truly had a dramatic impact on all aspects of this campaign. From fundraising to grassroots organization and ultimately voter turnout, a precedent has certainly been set for future elections.

Given the impact of campaign-related online activity to date, how will people choose to engage on Election Day? What type of impact will different social media platforms have on swaying last minute voters or influencing leaks from exit polls?

Easton Ellsworth over at the Blog Herald has posted a series of links about the best blog and social media resources to track coverage and stay engaged on Election Day. Easton also kindly provides a note on the political bias of each link presented.

*In addition, be sure to check out the Election Day status update application zipping around Facebook that will automatically update your status to show specific support for Obama or McCain or display a general call to action to remind people to vote.

An even bigger question to pose as we look beyond Nov. 4 –  How do you think the next President’s Office will continue to capitalize on the use of social media?

Get ready, Tuesday is going to be a content-crazed, posting frenzy across the Web. As they say, be sure to get out there, let your voice be heard and rock the vote.


p.s. If you’re still confused about how our nation actually selects a President, be sure to check out this great video from the fine folks at Common Craft:

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  1. Hi Scott – I appreciate the link and the conversation we’ve been able to have between our blogs. I’m actually using this comment as an example for the Blogging 117 course at SMUG. You’re a great example of someone who leaves thoughtful and valuable comments.

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