We’re all strapped on time. It’s America. Social media has added another level of learning for all communications professionals. Finding the time to keep on top of every new trend, online strategy and tool can be quite cumbersome. Luckily, there are some amazing bloggers and resources out there to keep you updated.

If you’re not already, I highly recommend checking out the following:

Steve Rubel’s Links Posts – All of Steve’s posts are of course worth your attention but for quick links to trends and new tools, be sure to keep up on his “links” posts. I have yet to see a links post where I didn’t learn something new, applicable and highly relevant to my social media work.

Jeremiah Owyang’s Weekly Digest – Stellar, stellar, stellar. Incredibly comprehensive and a huge time saver, Jeremiah’s weekly digest will keep you on top of all of the latest news from the social networking industry.

Social Media Today – Mandatory. It’s just too good. Aggregated posts from a variety of social media bloggers. Take five minutes to glance at this each day and your social media knowledge will increase tenfold.

Mashable – But of course. Another fantastic and easily categorized site for digging up the latest social media news, trends and tips.



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