Anyone with an interest in social media has by now heard about the blow up over the Motrin Moms commercial. For those that missed the boat, McNeil Consumer Health Care, the maker of Motrin, released a snarky ad that poked fun at Moms who merely use front slings as a fashion statement while positioning Motrin as […]

User-generated content usually goes one of two ways in the eyes of a company or brand manager. It’s either perceived as scary and unwanted due to a lack of message control or embraced and encouraged as an opportunity to extend the reach of a message through third party credibility. We’ve obviously been experiencing a dynamic […]

I’ve been pretty focused on Twitter lately but mostly because I’m enjoying the platform and am intrigued by how other communications/PR pros are making use of the tool. From my own conversations with others about using Twitter for their own company or brand, one big question always seems to come up – what would we tweet […]