Most PR pros are well versed in the world of PowerPoint. It’s the universal presentation platform that we all love and cherish – to a point. Unfortunately, we’re so grounded in PPT that it often becomes a crutch. New biz pitch? Use PPT. Client deliverable? Use PPT. Internal training? You get the gist. Why do […]

In PR world, the notion of storytelling can seem intimidating as it often conveys a very complicated process. What I’ve always loved about storytelling is that at its core, simplicity is what drives the best narratives. The amazing part about humans is that everyone has a story. It may not seem like it on the […]

I recently (yes, behind the curve on these) stumbled across some utterly amazing animated videos. I’ll let the videos do the talking but I haven’t had a good laugh like this in a long time. Yes, I’m admitting my digital nerdiness but these are great. *Language warning Engagement Embargoes ITC vs. HTC Evo