In PR world, the notion of storytelling can seem intimidating as it often conveys a very complicated process. What I’ve always loved about storytelling is that at its core, simplicity is what drives the best narratives.

The amazing part about humans is that everyone has a story. It may not seem like it on the surface but I assure you, everyone has a story. Finding the creative path to that story and triggering the right elements to tap your audience’s pathos requires skill. But in the end, the best storytellers are able to make it all seem easy as pie.

Check out this video below from the folks at Everyone Forever Now.

What do you think?

Pretty stunning job taking a seemingly mundane topic and developing it into a stellar story, no?  Here’s a few production factors that suck you in:

Audio – The first :25 sucks you in and sets the stage. Interest is peaked right off the bat.

Images – Overall, the video uses stop motion media keeping a viewer intrigued throughout. The framing and timing of the images is to perfection. Note the focus around the last :20, tying in a perfect emotive ending with mother and child.

Music – While sucked in by the narration, the music throughout is an ideal solemn, authentic score to hold your interest and make you feel as though you’re tromping around this neighborhood.

Commonality– The diverse set of subjects helps connect the dots and demonstrates the unique factor that makes this neighborhood a true community.

What other production components stand out in your mind?

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